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Side Launch Brewing Company

It’ll be old news for some, brand new for others.

In October 2010 I was introduced to a group of people who had long been planning to build a brewery somewhere in the Collingwood area.

I joined them to be Head Brewer and to help build that brewery.  I also agreed to combine my existing business, Denison’s Brewing Company in exchange for equity.

It has kept me very busy over the last three years, two of them in planning, one year in building and we have now been brewing since April 2014. 

The brewery name is Side Launch Brewing Company and I will say little more because the story and other news is well covered by our Facebook page, Twitter, and a web page,

Needless to say, it is nice to have ownership in a brewery again.

The Denison’s beers, Weissbier and Dunkel have remained exactly the same in terms of ingredients.  The water is coming from another lake, Huron that is, but the same “Great” family.

The Dunkel was rebranded as Side Launch Dark Lager to celebrate the arrival of the first of our brewery tankage, in November 2013.  The Weissbier was renamed Side Launch Wheat when the brewery was completed in April 2014. 

We introduced a Pale Ale when the new brewery opened. We have also brewed a Tripel (long gone as I write) and have a surprise for early December 2014.

We will brew special beers every few months.

Please follow us at Side Launch via Facebook, Twitter, and a web page,

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Michael Hancock

Founding Brewer